The Truth About Creamer

Food Network discusses the truths about creamer and how it can affect your health. Creamer is a touchy subject because you have your die hard black coffee drinkers and your sugar packed coffee drinkers. Many people have different thoughts on creamer, but here is the truth.

I guess we can start off with the good things about creamer, because there are few. One, it tastes good! There are so many different flavors including the seasonal flavors that we all love so much. A good thing, that is partially bad (I’ll discuss that part later) is that the majority of creamers are lactose-free and gluten-free for all my allergy friends out there! I feel you! You might be thinking, wait! Creamer? Lactose-free? YES! I will talk a bit more about that in the “bad things about creamer” section. But recently, some popular creamer brands are offering products with blends of nonfat milk, sugar, cream and flavors that are now lower in calories than their older blends.

Now, there are some things about creamers that you need to keep your eye out for, because they are not good for you. Like I mentioned earlier, for the longest time, creamers have been dairy free. They have been made of mixtures of sugar, oils, and thickeners. You may think, those things are not bad. But, if you look into the types of oils used, you will see the oils are partially hydrogenated. This is a friendly, more scientific word for trans fat, which no one wants to see in the ingredients. Trans fats are oils mixed with metals that end up as a partial solid, which we then consume! Yikes! It may not seem to bad to consume just a little bit, but that adds up when you drink coffee every day, multiple times a day. There are also fat-free and sugar-free creamers, which sounds nice, but all it is is this trans fat mix plus additional chemicals from artificial sweeteners, which is not worth the few calories that you do not end up consuming.

So, if you need some flavor to your coffee because you are not a black coffee drinker, use the old-fashioned cream and sugar that you know what ingredients it contains.


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Creamer

  1. I use to always use creamer in my coffee and was the only way that I ever wanted to drink it but till recently I have just started using regular milk and sugar and found that it makes my coffee have less sugar and make it a little better for me!


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