Farmer-Direct Model vs. Traditional Model

Chick-fil-A has partnered with Thrive Farmers to bring a better cup of coffee to their customers. Why would they do this? There are two models of farming coffee and those are the Farmer-Direct Model and the Traditional Model. There are many differences between the Farmer- Direct Model (FDM) and Traditional Model (TM). Individual farmers partner with THRIVE Farmers to sell their coffee beans to Chick-fil-a directly, giving farmers up to 10x more profit. When it comes to planting, Farmer-Direct beans are hand-planted by local farmers, rather than planted in masses. FDM is hand-picked, while TM is machine-picked and gathers defective plants often. FDM farmers are given the resources to stay involved in milling while TM farmers lack transportation and must sell their crops for pennies on the dollar to a middle man. When it comes to drying the plants, FDM is dry-milled and raked by trusted partners while TM dries their coffee under the sun on large patios mixed with other nameless coffees. TM claims more profit by there being a middle mane while FDM farmers get to keep up to 10x of the profit. FDM is a much more personal process to the buyer, and it is important to support these farmers who work so hard to get great coffee to us. Another place you can find THRIVE Farmers’ coffee is on THRIVE FARMERS website along with other merchandise you can purchase to support the business. Also, this website gives you the opportunity to meet the farmers that tend to the coffee that you receive by being able to read bios about them and there are videos of them sharing their lifestyle. I personally try to support them by buying their coffee as much as I can because I appreciate their intentionality and personable attitudes towards their customers.


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