Just Brew It!

Different coffee brewing devices

There are so many ways to make your coffee nowadays. All of these different devices brew your coffee a different way, giving you various outcomes. Let’s discuss a few of these…

The Huffington Post analyzed the Best ways to Brew your Coffee and ranked them in the order that displays their efficiency/popularity.

There is a brewing device named the Percolator. This device is the least popular because it is easy to end up boiling your coffee, making it more bitter. The Softbrew was pretty popular but ended up not giving the coffee as much flavor, though it was strong. Then you have your Automatic Coffee Maker, which has become a common household item. Yet it normally tends to brew a weak pot.

Next, you have your Vacuum Pot. This form of brewing is more theatrical than practical. It tends to make a weak pot as well, but is fun to watch. The Coffee Cone is the most practical and least expensive way to make your coffee. This form also makes a cup of coffee that is strong and enjoyed among most people. There is also the Aeropress. This version takes care and precision to make a good cup. This form of brewing will give you a strong cup of coffee.

The French Press is a very popular form of brewing. It gives you a flavorful and strong cup of coffee. You can not really go wrong with a French Press. The Technivorm is the second best form of brewing. This device leaves a lot of flavor to be enjoyed. And the MOST POPULAR/BEST form of brewing is with the Chemex. It is described as a smooth, strong, flavorful cup of coffee.

Hopefully this helps you decide what form of brewing you can use to make your favorite type of coffee. Everyone likes their coffee different, so all of these different forms could be used and enjoyed. I personally enjoy drinking a cup of coffee made with a French Press, because of how flavorful my coffee tastes. What is your favorite way to brew your coffee?


2 thoughts on “Just Brew It!

  1. Very well written! I had no clue that there are so many possibilities in making coffee. I definitely am going to have to try some of these. I’ll have to venture off from my normal french press to see all the different tastes of coffee they have to offer me!


  2. I love the name of this post, it’s super cute and clever! I recently just tried coffee for the first time and this makes me want to try even more!


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