Coffee and Money

Did you know that the US spends $40 billion on coffee every year? Yeah. That is a lot of money. Sales on coffee continues to rise 20% every year. Keeping these numbers in mind, the average price of an espresso based drink is $2.45, and a brewed cup costs on average $1.38.

There are many different factors as to why the prices keep rising, and there are ways you can try to save and still have your cup of coffee every morning. Our World posted an article about how climate change is affecting our prices on coffee. Prices for Arabica coffee beans have doubled in the last year due to a disease called leaf rust that is believed to be from climate change in Central America. Lack of rain in East Africa has slowed down coffee production. There has also been a cutback in production of Robusta beans, mainly used for instant coffee, due to abnormally cold temperatures in Vietnam. Due to these climate issues, you may want to try to find different ways to get your morning fix!

There are ways to still make coffee that ends up costing you less in the long run. A cheaper route is to make your own coffee at home. It is no Starbucks, but it is possible to still make really good coffee right in your kitchen. It is cheaper to buy coffee beans instead of pre-ground coffee. Then you can grind them yourself. It is a longer process, but it will not break your bank. It you store in the correct way (NOT IN THE FRIDGE), the coffee will last a lot longer and will still taste delicious.

Hopefully this encourages you to maybe try to make your own coffee, or at least you can be aware of how much you are paying and try to find cheaper routes.



3 thoughts on “Coffee and Money

  1. Never have been a coffee person myself. However, my mom is an absolute coffee junkie. I have never put much thought into the price of her addiction until i read your article. It is astonishing how much money people will spend per year just on a simple drink. Great Article!


  2. I found this post interesting I believe that a lot of people in this world just buy coffee without thinking about how much its actually breaking the bank. The most common place people think of when you say coffee is Starbucks a place where you can’t find a cup of coffee for less then $5.00 say you get that once a day every week you have already spent $35.00 that week. You for sure opened my eyes to how much coffee is really costing me and you gave a lot of helpful tips on how we could still enjoy our coffee without going broke at the same time.


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