The Good and the Not-So-Good

coffee-shop-mugDid you know that over 50% of people over the age of 18 drink coffee daily. Out of that 54%, each person drinks on average, 3.1 cups a day. Some might think this is not good for this many people to be drinking this much coffee, but this is actually, to an extent, false. There’s the good and the bad to coffee consumption, but the good seem to outweigh the bad. So let’s take a look at some of these pros and cons.

Increased coffee consumption is known to decrease the chance of Type 2 Diabetes in younger and middle-aged women. Yes, coffee is known for its caffeine, but it also has antioxidants, chlorogenic acid, and magnesium that help improve sensitivity to insulin. Studies also show that increased coffee consumption also reduces the risk of Liver Cancer, Cirrhosis, and Gallstones in men and women. A few other pros to drinking more coffee include reduced risk of Heart Diseases, Strokes, and even Parkinson’s Disease.

Now, there are a few things that have been proven that are not so great. First of all, an obvious con, an avid coffee drinker is prone to take in more calories. But also, tests have shown an increase in late miscarriages and stillbirths in daily coffee drinkers.

Coffee has become a common household item and is consumed by over half of the country. Therefore, we as consumers should know how that product is affecting our health AND our wallets, which is what I intend to discuss next week.



National Coffee Drinking Trends 2010, National Coffee Association



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