Oh Look! It’s Coffee O’clock!

Hugh Jackman once said, “To me, the smell of fresh made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.” I would have to agree. I have been drinking coffee since I can remember. My dad would wake up early every morning and brew a fresh pot and I treasured waking up to the smell daily. I’d come downstairs and join him for a cup or two before he left for work. I have fond memories of those mornings and still enjoy a cup every morning on my own. My love for coffee has grown since I was little and now being a busy college student, I have a greater appreciation of its purposes. So I chose to write about coffee in this blog, due to my admiration of it and desire to know more. I am looking forward to researching the different brewing styles, how coffee can affect the body, and some different statistics, most likely while indulging in a cup myself!


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