The Truth About Creamer

Food Network discusses the truths about creamer and how it can affect your health. Creamer is a touchy subject because you have your die hard black coffee drinkers and your sugar packed coffee drinkers. Many people have different thoughts on creamer, but here is the truth. I guess we can start off with the good […]

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The 411 on Coffee

There are many interesting things that many people do not know about coffee. Since I have started researching for this blog, I have found many unique things that can make your coffee experience a better one. First off, coffee IS perishable. Coffee beans lose their freshness soon after they are roasted. If the beans are […]

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Robusta v. Arabica

There are many different kinds of coffee. Although, Robusta and Arabica are the most common types that you would easily find. There are definitely perks and cons to each and that is what I’ll be discussing in this post. I have found some differences between the two types of coffee that I find most important. […]

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Just Brew It!

There are so many ways to make your coffee nowadays. All of these different devices brew your coffee a different way, giving you various outcomes. Let’s discuss a few of these… The Huffington Post analyzed the Best ways to Brew your Coffee and ranked them in the order that displays their efficiency/popularity. There is a […]

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Coffee and Money

Did you know that the US spends $40 billion on coffee every year? Yeah. That is a lot of money. Sales on coffee continues to rise 20% every year. Keeping these numbers in mind, the average price of an espresso based drink is $2.45, and a brewed cup costs on average $1.38. There are many […]

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